What's Maison MAAI's recycled cashmere from?

Maison MAAI was created by me, a mum of two young children living in south east London.


I became interested in recycled cashmere when one of my beloved sweaters started bobbling and I began to learn how to care for the cashmere things that I owed.  Eventually this interest lead me to think of ways to recycle the cashmere that was being thrown away and often ended up in a landfill.


The recycled cashmere is sourced from a number of second hand markets, end of line production or liquidated stock all from the UK, I didn't want to add thousands of carbon footprint when we have plenty of this material here in the UK.  

It is then frozen (to clear to any moth eggs) and hand washed using specialist detergent, carefully separated into smaller components; arms are used for the Lux Long gloves and the remainder of the cashmere is made into bonnets or mitts.  We work closely with the makers at our workshop so every part of the original garment is used and nothing gets wasted.




I wanted to avoid a long and complicated supply chain with a high carbon footprint so I design, source and hand make everything locally in London.  I can be sure our clothes are made under good welfare conditions with fair pay to the makers. 

If you have any cashmere sweaters you no longer want please send them to us and we will make something out of it so someone else can enjoy this beautiful material. 

Drop me a message on makeagain@iclould.com / 0777 5673 668.