What's Maison MAAI?

Maison MAAI was created by me, a mum of two young children living in south east London.


I became interested in linen during my third trimester because I felt most comfortable wearing this fabric.  It kept me cool when it was getting too hot and warm when approaching autumn.  

Although this collection isn't maternity wear a lot of the shapes were designed with memories of my own experience of pregnancies in mind.  Most of the garments are sketched based on the triangle and cut on the bias so it has a partly fitted top with a little more material from the waist onwards.  I began making simple dresses and tops which I could wear everyday yet would accommodate a baby bump.  The Olive top was worn a lot for breastfeeding when I was out and about. 


Fennel dress; without a bump and at 7 months with baby. 


The 'recycled' cashmere is sourced from a number of second hand markets, end of line production or liquidated stock.  It is then hand washed using specialist detergent, carefully separated into smaller components; arms are used in the dresses and the remainder of the cashmere is made into bonnets or mitts.  We work closely with the makers at our workshop so every part of the original garment is used and nothing gets wasted.




 Avoiding complicated supply chains with a long carbon footprint we design, source and hand make all of the garments locally in London.  We can be sure our clothes are made under good welfare conditions with fair pay to the makers. 

Because we make things to last we also promise to 'buy back' any garments purchased directly from our online store.  We will offer a fair price based on the condition and we make again into something else.

If you wish to contact me on 0777 5673 668 or feel free to drop me a message on makeagain@iclould.com