...with our super soft mittens. We will be at markets in and around London so if there's anything you want please DM us at @maison_maai

How much...?

According to a UK Government report, we are disposing over a million tonnes of clothes every year in the UK.  So we have been rescuing cashmere from this waste and turning them into things we can use again hence prolonging its lifetime use.


Cashmere in the Community

With everything sourced from the UK we keep our carbon footprint extremely low.  As well as that we make everything right here on our door step in small batches so we do not over produce.  By shopping with us you will be supporting small independent businesses that is rooted in the local community.  

Our cashmere comes from the UK.  Everything is handmade locally in small batches so we do not over produce.

Feeling light...

New colour this season is Lilac Lavender...

Buying from us

We are currently only selling in markets across London and on Instagram @maison_maai so please drop us a message with what you want and we can post it to you.


181a High st, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Driggs Mercantile
551 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, US

Recycled cashmere hot water bottle covers